Tuesday, December 28, 2010

shovels and chocolate chip pancakes

Hope all the the Northeasterners are still enjoying the snow. And for everyone else, consider yourselves lucky. I missed a trip to Disney for this. Though, the pancakes did brighten my mood.

Also, I've been pretty low key about my other blogs recently because I'm embarking on one of the biggest adventures of my 24 years of existence. One of my best friends and I have started a joint cooking blog dedicated to one of the culinary greats, Daniel Boulud. I know this place doesn't bring in a tremendous amount of traffic, but if you happen to see this, please check out the new blog at read . cook . digest. We would love questions, comments, or any love you're willing to offer.


Kirsten said...

Oh man,it was my first Boston snow blizzard and it was intense! I need to get a pair of boots like those in the bottom pic stat. :)


Cylia said...

ohh yum! that looks really good. craving for a late night snack.. so bad!:p