Friday, August 6, 2010

study hall

I'm currently sitting in my special Starbucks. This place is full of freaks and weirdos and at this point, I'm pretty sure I'm one of them. I come in at least once a week now and a few months ago I was here everyday. You read that correctly. I said EVERY FREAKING DAY. I would come home from work and sit here until close, trying to digest every piece of CPA knowledge I could.  Clearly, since I'm now taking these next 2 tests for the second and third time, it's not working.

The people who work here know me [sadly] because I order one of two things -- hazelnut iced coffee or green tea lemonade.  I'm pretty sure they see me as someone who pays for one drink and night and sucks up about 5 hours of their daily electricy.  I know, what an accomplishment.

I decided to post because I'm falling asleep.  I'm sitting in one of those comfy green chairs because both of the larger tales are taken.  One is occupied by the guy with the customized fake leg (Red Sox logos all over it) and the other by the old woman with the crew cut.  I see both of them every week, so I feel like it's a bit of a power struggle trying to score a seat at one of those tables since one of us always gets shafted... usually me.

These green chairs are dangerous.  They're too comfortable albeit germy.  I'm convinced no one ever cleans these chairs because I'm here late enough and sometimes early enough to see the absence of care.  God only knows what kind of nasties have sunk into the cloth.  I'm afraid I'm going to pass out in one of them, which will either lead to another CPA fail or contracting some kind of skin disease.

Dave is here.  He's sitting next to me today.  He amazes me.  He's an older gentleman, blind, but works his laptop better than I work mine.  I don't know if that's because mine is a piece of crap or that Dave just rocks.  Either way, he's impressive.  I mean comparing him to other folks his age, most are computer illiterate and they actually have their eye sight!  He's currently hogging the power outlet and not that him being blind makes it weird, but I sometimes feel bad being like dude, quit hoarding all of the electricity. 

Another fun tidbit -- I'd say every trip to Starbucks results in some man hitting on me.  I swear it's a curse being Asian.  Old dudes are way bolder and just come up to me as if they're offering a FOB a green card.  It's like I'm no mail order bride and no, I'm not Chinese.  I think the best Asian incident was when I told someone I was from America, not the Philippines.  The response was, oh are you from Hawaii?  Uhh... what?  Other good ones are when guys bow at me.  Not like crazy, exaggerated bows, but bows nonetheless.  More than a nod, less than a right angle.  I smell an Asian respect thing.  Dude, do you want me to whip our my samurai sword and cut you in half.  Stop that.

Ok my power is getting low.  Time to pester my neighbor. 

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