Sunday, August 29, 2010

the good life

Friday ended a pretty sucky week. Wednesday I took my potentially last CPA exam. I'm not too hopeful saying that, but it could be. I'll let you know in September if that's true.

Anthony and Forge hailed to Beantown from Long Island and Ray Ray flew north from Bethesda. It was quite possibly the best weekend I've had all year because 1) Ray, Anthony, and Forge were here and 2) No all day trips to Starbucks to study. Woot freaking hoot. I love it.

And now, I leave you with some faces of the weekend:

twinnie looking quizzical

Anthony taking in our balcony view

Forge hanging on the couch -- Ray said you were built like a truck

Ray Ray at Flour Bakery

my life changing sticky bun at Flour Bakery... man was Bobby Flay right on this one

Twinnie waiting for breakfast at In a Pickle

BF with his super straight teeth

Ray showing how he really feels

To many more posts like these. Cheers!

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