Friday, May 14, 2010


By some miracle, the Elizabeth and James Yoshimoto crepe-jersey and leather jacket was on sale, 40% off. ARE YOU JOKING?! Sadly, Saks only had a size 8 so I felt like I was swimming in it a bit. I'm struggling. To buy or not to buy online? It's still freakishly expensive, but holy cow, 40%!!!! That's unheard of.

Please excuse now the seemingly needless vanity shoot. I just had to take pictures of the jacket on me. Hahaha. If I can't have it, I'll have the pictures forever!!!

Seriously, the pointy shoulder pad gods have heard my plea. Now all I need is for this beauty to knock another 50% off. I will do a rain dance, or whatever kind of dance to please the Saks gods.

Whatever, I made myself feel better and I bought the jeans and the top (my first Rag and Bone purchase ever -- I felt so proud).

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Ivy said...

Ugh, that blazer looks so good. It's a little big for your frame but I would've bought it anyways! So beautiful.