Sunday, May 9, 2010


Whether you love em or hate em, you've got to admit they do make a statement. Ah love. Maybe they were a little much to just go to Starbucks for the day to study, but I'm sure my baristas appreciated them. Hehe.


denise said...

oh man, i LOVE MINE SO FKING MUCH......but they really hurt my feet? Like mostly just at the toe area since it's covered and my feet are like paddles (wide as haaaaale) it really sucks cos i love them so much but i cant wear them Y.Y

Ivy said...

I actually don't like these very much 'cause I haven't seen anyone actually look good in them or style them well. BUT I LOVE HOW THEY LOOK ON YOU. Pairing them with a white top and black jeans. So simple, yet brilliant.