Monday, August 17, 2009

vacay teaser and pretty much everything i ate and could photograph in vegas

As told through pictures (and maybe 100 words or less):

Viva Las Vegas!

Not the most representative picture I could find, but it was either blurry or hot mess. Or in the following case, both.

twinnie and mommy

The Bellagio water show

The gorgeous Bellagio lobby ceiling

And now for my favorite part... all of the food:

I didn't eat all of these... sadly.

twinnie took the more conscientious approach when posing with her In-N-Out meal

lobster bisque amuse bouche @ Wolfgang Puck's Spago

Caprese salad with local heirloom tomatoes and microgreens @ Wolfgang Puck's Spago

fresh berry granola parfait for breakfast

quiche lorraine a la Jean Pierre patisserie

lychee martini for the waiting game @ shibuya - MGM Grand

That's all for now folks. I wish I'd taken many many more photos. My next test is coming up on Monday so from this point on, I'm going to try to study ridiculously hard. Will post more photos from the trip later.


Ivy said...

Aw, your vacation looked like a lot of fun. I never knew you had a twin!

Sofia said...

Hi, what camera do you use? Thanksssss