Thursday, August 6, 2009

like a fat panda

Ivy Wang has fueled the flames of my inner K-pop teeny bopper. After seeing a few of the music videos she posted on her LJ, I've officially been a freakazoid watching Korean music videos on youtube all day, every day.

There's this one particular artist, Younha, that I think is pretty cute. She started sporting a new more "masculine" look. I have no idea what her old look was, but I can only guess she had longer hair and wore skirts... lots of them.

I wouldn't call it masculine, so much as just less girly than the normal Korean female pop star fare. Either way, this picture got my black and white hunt on.

Amazing I know. My inner rich kid is still doing somersaults over that Chris Benz sergeant jacket how many months later? Drool. Black and white is my go to color palette. It's so easy and pleasing to look at, no?

I know this post is a complete waste of time, I just needed to put these amazing pieces somewhere.

Off to bed now to dream of winning the lottery and affording my $50K wishlist on net-a-porter. Ah the good life in sleep. Night beauties.


Rush-Vintage said...

Really like her new style, even if she was not these typical girly idols before. The Nixon watch is just perfect, and the black mini skirt too ^^

Maggie said...

I need her brogues shoes and pants!