Saturday, July 25, 2009

whole foods

Last night, I was too tired to actually make a home cooked meal. I wanted to "cook" without having to whip something together from scratch. That's when the revelation hit. It's sort of out of the way going home, but I suddenly had a desperate urge to drop a shitload of money at Whole Foods, my favorite grocery establishment of all time (Thanks Allen Wong!!!!). I typically do this once a month and go buck wild. Last night, no exception.

For dinza, I bought one of those premade pesto pizzas with fresh tomatoes. I only got to snap the pizza before it got cooked. Allen and I pretty much devoured it all the minute we took it out of the oven. I'm kind of pissed for not remembering to snap a shot of it's gooey cheesy goodness. I definitely suggest this as a quick dinner option.

Also, m parents are at the apartment this weekend, so I bought my mommy a dozen orange/yellow/pink roses. They were so gorgeous and fragrant. Currently, they're stuffed in my refridgerator. I also bought the rents those adorable individual desserts.

I'm not being pressured to leave and go to IKEA to pick up a TV stand. Peace out!

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