Friday, July 31, 2009

rain rain go away

[ j.crew sweater & top lands' end topsiders reuhl no. 925 shorts ]

God it is just raining and miserable out right now. I wish I could show you how black the sky is in Boston. It's like MA just stuck itself inside the stratosphere's anus. Lovely weather for a picnic! Or better yet, my day off. =P

Whatever. I'm studying for my test, which I've been ridiculously behind on since my client just filed their 10Q. It's been a very busy 2 weeks. Later than normal nights have not been 1) fun, 2) conducive for good solid studying, and 3) diet friendly. Eating dinner at like 10 is not good for the system. I'm pretty convinced. Last night was pretty cute though. Allen "made" dinner last night. He cooked up some sweet and hot sausages and we made sausage and peppers as if we were at Fenway (Booo!!! GO YANKEES! -- Ortiz juiced up is the funniest news I heard all day yesterday).

In any case, my studying habits are hopefully getting back on the fast track toward a 75+ on my next test! We'll see about that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And I'm going to need to since I can't just sit and study for 6 hours straight. I need to have my blog time, check out what's new on all my favorite shopping sites, watch some youtube videos. You know, the normal procrastination tricks of the trade you pick up at college that you can never seem to shake during crunch time. Best video handsdown:

This kid is so freaking adorable. Plus I love that she's like WTF mom and dad, get my fish's name right.

Ugh time to be responsible... or make peach strawberry sorbet. Can't decide which. PEACE!

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Elaine said...

LOVE your ruffly shirt. Gorgeous!!!