Saturday, May 16, 2009

yearning for summer

top witchery, blazer express, short j.crew, wedges joie, sunglasses marc jacobs

WOOOOO!!!!!! Look what came in the mail! Those fabulous strappy wedges! Of course I had to bust those out immediately. I am not the type of person who waits to show off my new buy.

Today's outfit was inspired by my desire for heat. My skin is craving the tan is once had when I was in Miami 2 months ago. I'm still convinced there's something about Boston air that sucks all of the melanin out of my skin. I'm a pale pitiful little girl right now.

Watching Shadow - Audrey Kawasaki

I am determined to go to one of her shows. DETERMINED.


Annie said...

Hi Katie!

Love your blog. Just thought you should know! I'm pretty bad at leaving comments, but I do see all your posts, and of all the tons of blogs I subscribe to, yours is definitely one that I really look forward to reading. Keep it up :)

- Annie

K. Julien said...

your wedges are so cute