Thursday, May 7, 2009

late night ramblings

This really has no business showing up in a food/fashion blog, but it's my blog so suck it up. I have been completely and utterly undone by this song for the past year. I finally realized it has a new video. Um yes please.

So I hope you enjoyed that now that I've effectively shoved it down your throat. <3

Funny enough, it actually is sometime around midnight and I'm taking a little study break. Seriously, studying for the CPA is unhealthy, unnatural, and shortening my lifespan. I'm absolutely sure of it. If I don't pass these tests, I'm going to quit my job and cry in a dark, sad corner. Le sigh.

On a much brighter note (and really anything is brighter than talking about the CPA.. except for maybe childbirth, which has been a very popular topic of discussion this week at work =P), I will probably be posting my first food related entry on Monday. I have a bunch of bananas and an apple in a brown paper baggie. You know what that means... those mushy bananas are on a journey toward greatness otherwise known as banana cupcakes. Mmmmmm. I was originally going to give banana bread a shot considering I've never actually made bread before, but I gave into my Wilton 1M tip. Sadly, I make cupcakes sometimes just so I can frost with that bad boy. It is the most used kitchen related tool I own. <3

Until then it's just study study study.

Oh and just one more bit, one of my late night snack strawberries had a notable tumor. See visual support below:

I wussed out and threw that little weirdo away. Gross.

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