Saturday, May 9, 2009

over the top

This outfit was worth posting. Normally, with jeans that are so loud and proud, you'd want to pair them with more muted pieces. Well, that was not how I was feeling today. Pulled out my larger than life fur vest and just rocked it out.

[vintage vest, elie tahari lace up oxford pumps, levi jeans]

:sigh: I too have given into this Balmain-esque trend. Why? Because I am a gopher. I'd like to imagine that I own that crystal military jacket as well, but that's never going to happen. I can't even find that damn Go International military vest at Target. Bastards!

Source: oaknyc
Model: Kyle @ Ford Models
Photographer: Jason Eric Hardwick

Test is in t minus TWO DAYS!!! Shit. Posts will be more meaningful and substantial when I return.


Madeline said...

such a crazy vest! I love the jeans

Rosanna said...

love this outfit!!! those jeans are hot!

Sydnie said...

Those jeans are amazing! I love them!