Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the first

Could I be more of a procrastinator?

To be honest, I was happier spending my time being uber meticulous about the layout than I was thinking about the content of my first post. Afterall, when you have a food/fashion blog, which of the two takes the cake? Pun intended.

Well, considering I had corn flakes for dinner, I could probably cross off the food aspect. In spite of the pure dullness of it all, I won't. Corn flakes is one of my favorite foods, particularly with cold skim milk and fresh strawberries. Screw Special K. Who the hell wants dehydrated strawberries?! We're not NASA astronauts. Jesus Christ.

But in all honesty, do bear with me. I've overhauled the layout so many times, I just want to smack myself when I decide to change it again. It's a work in process.

It's 12:34 and I have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow since it's the last day at this particular client. Must make sure I dot all of my i's and cross all of my t's!

I know this was the absolute antithesis of the monumental first post of my new baby. Don't worry, the greatness shall soon overfloweth from this blog. All in good time, my friends. All in good time.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Hey! I saw some of your outfit posts on chicotopia and decided to drop by! :) I'm always glad when I see members who's outfit posts I like who have blogs. I really enjoy reading what inspires you, your outfit posts, learning new things from you and anything besides those I will still enjoy.

Not going to lie I can sit at my computer and read blogs all day :p

But anyways, I'm looking forward to more posts! You're favourited missy!