Tuesday, May 5, 2009

beauty and the beast (or Jasmine in this case)

Source: olsens anonymous
Ashley in The Row [thanks Ivy!] at the MET Costume Institute Gala

There's been a lot of buzz about this dress. IMHO, she looks positively radiant. I could smack all the haters out there saying her dress was too long. It's a bold statement. Plus, if it weren't that long, it would be just another nice dress with a plunging back. Yawn! How boring. The queen needs her train, baby! Aaaaand, this is the costume gala. Dress to impress? I think some people missed that one.

Speaking of smacking people... I wish someone would have smacked some sense into Blake Lively before she left the house. To pull a Joan Rivers, "WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?!" It may be Versace, but this look is so Jasmine (the one from Aladdin) going to her prom.

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Oh lord no.

I can kind of see where things were going with the sleeve, but ehhh, not my favorite look. This comes to a shock to me since Blake Lively wears some really cute outfits in her down time... you know, when the Gossip Girl stylists aren't all up in her business.


I'm officially bored. I have a ridiculous amount of studying to do before my test on Monday, but somehow I really can't bring myself to do more than 10 practice questions straight. This is not good. Plus, the blog isnt' really helping my motivation at the moment. Pooper.

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Ivy said...

Ashley's dress is by The Row; MK's was Christian Lacroix.