Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"are you quitting to join homo explosion?"

Say hello to Glee, my new favorite show

It's bold, it's straightforward, and it's all in song and dance!!! Yes, yes, yes! In no way shape or form was I one of these kids in high school... the main reason being that I had no vocal talent at all. I'm pretty sure my small chorus role in Brigadoon was the highlight of my musical career. Note, I was strategically placed in the back of most musical numbers for what I assume was my directors' idea of no Asians in the Scottish moores. Lame.

I already identify myself with Will Schuester in his struggle between doing what he loves and making money. I feel like I'm living the dream watching his character moderate the glee club.

This is basically my idea of fabulosity, Top 40 style. Tuesday nights just got way more entertaining. P.S. Thank the good lord that stupid American Idol ends tomorrow. I can't stand the thought of Chris or Adam's irritating voices streaming on the radio in mere weeks. EUW EUW EUW.

Fuck you Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Effron. You guys suck.

Oh, and just to keep up with the outfits so this blog doesn't stray too far from what I originally set out to accomplish here:

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