Saturday, May 30, 2009

apt inspo

my boyfriend is an east champion! love you baby! haha.

The twinnie and I looked at a few town houses this weekend for our future move. I am so dead set on decorating the shit out of my future home. I spend hours perusing the internet for apartment inspo. My favorite website is by far design*sponge.

A few inspirational images:

Source: design*sponge

I'm so in love with bright, light colors and clean design. I feel like color really affects my mood and overall happiness. White really does it for me... a big kitchen with a large island wouldn't hurt either. =0

As sad as it sounds, I made sure every place we looked at was dog friendly. I'm getting super serious about my future greyhound. That little baby is going to be mine. Yipee.

LaRok fringe shirt... positively mind boggling and super knot-able

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